Books to Keep Your Child Reading This Summer

By Danielle Sullivan


Eebees Adventures Mix & Mash by EveryBaby

While there are a lot of cookbooks on the market teaching parents what to cook for their baby, this book is the first of its kind that teaches you how to cook with your baby. Using a colorful, creative board book format, it contains recipes with lyrical and lively words on every page—all the while good healthy eating habits are reinforced. Ages 6 months. Sterling Publishing. $12.95

Potty Animals: What To Know When You’ve Got to Go! by Hope Vestergaard

Anyone who has survived the fury of potty training will identify with the main characters and their issues in this delightfully fun read. There is Wilbur who doesn’t like to wash his hands, Wilma who waits too long to go, Arnold who forgets to put the toilet seat up, and Fred who is afraid to flush. Together, this brood of soon-to-be potty trainers brings a smile to a parent’s face and teaches kids that no matter what their own individual “issue” may be, full-fledged potty training can indeed be accomplished. Ages 4 and up. Sterling Children’s Books. $14.95.

Baby Touch & Feel: Baby Animals By DK Publishing.

This adorable board book will save the day while waiting at doctor’s offices, airports, and any other place you would want to keep baby occupied. Complete with padded covers and textures throughout, this book introduces readers to several different baby animals, along with the surface they might feel upon petting the real animal. Ages: infants and up. Dorling Kindersley Publishers. $5.99

School Age

Mama, Is It Summer Yet? By Nikki McClure

This tender story tells the tale of a young boy who is talking to his mother and asking her if summer is near. The mother responds “Not yet”, while cataloging the many changes taking place as the seasons transform until it finally is summer. This is an environmentally sound story that celebrates family and the earth, and helps kids recognize the beauty of the world. And it’s printed entirely on recycled paper! Ages 6 and up. Abrams Books for Young Readers. $17.95.

The Can Man by Laura E. Williams

Connecticut author Williams paints a genuine tale of kindness with the story of a young boy who starts out collecting cans for spare change, like the “can man” in town. When the boy realizes the can man might need the money more than he needs a new skateboard, the random acts of kindness unfold in this feel good picture book. Ages 4-8. Lee and Low Books. $18.95.

Larry Gets Lost on New York City by John Skewes and Michael Mullin

Poor pooch Larry has gotten himself lost in other cities before including Seattle and San Francisco, but now he has managed to get himself lost in the biggest city so far: New York City. Kids learn all about the city that never sleeps as Larry the dog hits all the famous landmarks, from Radio City Music Hall and Times Square to Coney Island and Madison Square Garden. The book features great little sidebars filled with fun-facts about various New York City landmarks. Ages 5-8.  Sasquatch Books. $16.95.


Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be by Daniel Loxton

This captivating science-based book shows how the theory was developed from fossil clues and scientific observation, and explains mutation, natural selection, and biological diversity.  The book also asks the fun questions, such as “How could walking animals turn into flying animals?” and “How could evolution produce something as complicated as my eyes?”  Computer-generated images and photographs, informational text, glossary, and index offer scientific facts all along the way. Ages 8-13. Kids Can Press. $18.95.

The Dead End by Mimi McCoy

If your daughter is into mysteries, consider this Poison Apple series book a good beach read. During the summer before 7th grade, Casey Slater finds herself in a small country town where her parents are restoring an old creaky house. The story takes you a nice ride along Casey’s summer which she had hoped to spend a vacation with her best friend…and leaves the reader wondering whether the house is really haunted. Ages 8-12. Scholastic. $5.99.

Monster Slayers by Lukas Ritter

This action paced novel features two boys and a female elf-wizard that fight to save the villagers of Hesiod, who have been kidnapped by flesh-eating gnolls. This will appeal to the Dungeon and Dragon fan in all of us and readers will recognize many of the monsters in this chapter book. Ages 8-12. Wizards of the Coast for Young Readers. $9.95.

Lou Gehrig: Iron Horse of Baseball by James Buckley Jr.

Launched in 2007, this biography series, Sports Heroes, includes various types of biographies packaged into clear writing along with source notes, glossary, background information, and more. This sports series includes Olympian Jesse Owens, boxer Muhammad Ali, and baseball hall-of-famers Jackie Robinson and Jackie Robinson. Ages 10 and up. Sterling. $12.95.